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TOTETime is Of The Essence
TOTETable of the Elements (record label)
TOTETotem Ocean Trailer Express, Inc (cargo steamship)
TOTETropical Ozone Transport Experiment
TOTEText Oriented Tabular Entry
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Tote: [euro]11.60, [euro]2.50, [euro]2.60, [euro]3.60, [euro]2.70.
Grace Greene, President, TOTE Maritime Alaska 800-426-0074 *
Friday Tote return 1.8, ring price 2; Tote 6.8, ring 7; Tote 9.4, ring 10; Tote 6.1, ring 6.5; Tote 7.8, ring 8; Tote 3.4, ring 3.5; Tote 1.7, ring 2.37 Saturday Tote return 5.6, ring price 8; Tote 1.8, ring 2.375; Tote 7, ring 8; Tote 7, ring 7.5; Tote 9, ring 9; Tote 6.9, ring 9; Tote 6.6, ring 8; Tote 72.4, ring 41 Sunday Tote return 2.2, ring price 3.25; Tote 7.4, ring 7.5; Tote 22, ring 17; Tote 3.1, ring 3.75; Tote 2.3, ring 2.87; Tote 7.9, ring 9; Tote 5.3, Ring 5; Tote 11, ring 11 Over three days, only Three Kingdoms, Tithonus and Rekindling returned better odds on the Tote.
Families are struggling to fit their garbage in the new small capacity designated tote. Residents have called SWEET to find resolution, only to be pushed into a waiting list that has over 400 residents in line.
Use it or Lose it DemonstrationThe best way to show off your tote inventory is to allow your staff to use them daily in your store and outside of your business.
3) Place the outside fabric pieces with right sides together, and stitch 1/2 inch side and bottom seams to form the tote. Place lining with right sides together, and stitch side seams and part of bottom seam, leaving an opening for turning.
The Tote's financial input into race sponsorship has more than quadrupled since 1992 when pounds 588,000 was spent on 62 races.
The tote has been in stores since 1986 when Rubbermaid shipped its first 18-gallon rough tote.
Tote: [euro]1.40, [euro]1.02, [euro]1.30, [euro]1.60.
Included also in the over-all price was $19,389 for 10 year software licensing and a radio-frequency identification (RFID) chip embedded in each tote.