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TOTEMToolbox for Traffic Engineering Methods
TOTEMTerms-of-Trade Economic Model (Canada)
TOTEMTheater Operational Tactical Evaluation Model
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El sentimiento de culpabilidad por parte de los hijos engendro los dos tabus fundamentales del totemismo; a saber: la prohibicion de matar el totem y la de casarse con una mujer del mismo grupo totemico.
Time has taken its toll on the totem pole, which is partially rotted and unfortunately now constitutes a danger to those who come to see it and to the passers-by from Bossey going about their ordinary business," said WCC general secretary Samuel Kobia in a recent e-mail message to council staff.
That totem pole, a symbolic telling of the Bish family story on an 8-foot white pine log, was crafted by Paul Niejadlik, art teacher, and all 524 students at Converse Middle School in Palmer.
Common ancestor, guardian spirit, and helper of the clan, totem is dangerous to outsiders but recognizes and spares its own, thus earning emblematic status as family crest, symbol, or historical record.
In evaluating this project, one observation was that, even though some students drew vertical sketches and were reminded to build vertically; their totems lacked a sense of verticality and didn't quite reflect a totem structure.
Scotland's first urban totem pole was created by Scottish carver Kenny Grieves and First Nation carvers Xwa Lack Tun and Jada Harry, from Canada.
Totem Communications said Net-Planner ensures each call is answered, ensuring an enhanced customer experience and maximum business efficiency while enabling flexible working.
Orcas, bears, eagles, ravens, frogs, moons, rainbows, and humans grace the towering cedar totem poles, telling the history and lineage of a family or an individual.
Totem discharged the vessel in Washington state on Sept.
Haisla photographer Arthur Renwick's exhibition of black-and-white photo diptychs, Totem Hysteria, paired totem poles from the Northwest Coast with various commercial representations of totems (primarily signs and sandwich boards advertising businesses such as Totem Audio Video, Totem Auto Body, and Totem Super Star Gold Bingo).
Schoolchildren got a taste of traditional native American culture when they built their own totem pole.