TOTNTweet of the Night
TOTNTalk of the Nation (NPR program)
TOTNTaste of the Nation
TOTNTheatre of the Now (Manchester, England performance arts group)
TOTNTheatre Of The Now (Manchester, UK)
TOTNThings of That Nature (Internet slang)
TOTNToes On The Nose (surfing event)
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In general, TOTN increased with each consecutive pruning, Since TOTN accumulation is associated to the increase in ADM, the trend was more notorious in both the 8- and the 12-weeks regimes than in the 4-weeks regime (Figure 3), In the 8- and 12-weeks regimes, TOTN increased 4-5 times from the first to the last pruning cycle whereas in the 4-weeks regime there was not much difference after the second cycle of pruning, reflecting the fluctuations in biomass production observed in this regime (Figure 1).
Even though the 24-weeks regime accumulated much higher amounts of TOTN in the biomass than the more frequent pruning regimes, the results found in SOM and SN are not surprising, given that the soil samples were taken only two months after the final pruning cycle.
sepium to the soil, about 65% of its TOTN had been mineralized.