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TOTPTop of the Pops (TV show)
TOTPTime-Based One Time Password (algorithm)
TOTPTop Of The Page (forums)
TOTPTri-O-Tolyl Phosphate
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The token can be reflashed using the Protectimus TOTP Burner application.
"But then the Musicians Union, which effectively ran TOTP, kept changing the rules.
The TOTP function generates a unique 6-digit decimal number each time whenever a Modified Binding Update message is needed to be sent.
The death knell of TOTP has been blamed on the ever increasing competition from digital music channels.
It was Peters who oversaw the show's woolly-brained relegation to BBC2 and the renewed yoof obsession that left TOTP fatally out of step with the market.
Why should this be so when they brought more to TOTP than all subsequent comperes put together?
TOTP allowed bands to capitalise on their image, and really came into its own with the advent of glam rock.
Originally shot in a converted church and planned for only a few episodes, the surprise TOTP phenomenon lasted an incredible 43 years.
Your wail in your column about the demise of TOTP belies your mere 42(?) summers.
They may have arrived on the scene in 1968, four years after TOTP hit our screens, and followed in the footsteps of another dance troupe, called the Go-Jos, but they certainly left a lasting impression.
Now former children's television presenter Andi Peters has been appointed to spearhead a revamp and make the 39-year-old show more relevant to today's young music lovers, They have been abandoning TOTP in droves, with just 2.8 million tuning in to last Friday's show, compared with 15 million in its heyday.
It also offers hardware and software TOTP and OCRA tokens for generating one-time passwords among which one of the world's most popular and innovative tokens: the reflashable Protectimus Slim NFC hardware TOTP token.