TOTUTales of the Unanticipated (magazine)
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Locals in Chakkar and Totu on Monday and Tuesday had to collectively save the forests from fire and also had narrow escape by saving their houses from the forest fire.
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Totu, Andreas 2010 Consumerism in Malaysia: Mass Media, Lifestyles and Identities.
For instance, the Longman Dictionary (2005) defines throttle (pronounced and known as 'totu' by the mechanics) as 'a piece of equipment that controls the amount of fuel going into a vehicle's engine', but which is being used, by the mechanics, and in fact by most car users, in place of 'pedal' or 'accelerator' which the same dictionary defines as 'a part in a car or in a machine that you press with your foot to control it' or '...
Catrina, D.; Totu, A.; Croitoru, S.; Carutasu, G.; Dorin, A.
Su mele puzoninu chi como t'es finidu su mele de sa chera chi bundabat che bena como pius non d'asa totu inidu che l'asa che in italiano traducevamo, in fretta, e non letteralmente, in questo modo:
I did an interview with a magazine just before I left--you know Totu [a Paris-based gay magazine]?
The killer, a 21-year-old Romanian nationalist student named Neculai Totu, was shortly afterward acquitted in a public trial held in the atmosphere of public exultation in support of the defendant, who was seen as a fighter for the long-neglected rights of the Romanian nation.
An' ala-apwu ny' aligede M' anu totu pilee ham oh Ongongohe m' eru ny' eheh 15 Gbuh igwuh ny' eheh ka ka.