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And yet I can't seem to let the second day of yom tov go either.
Last year, Alan Brill, an Orthodox rabbi and professor of Jewish-Christian studies at Seton Hall University, a Catholic university in New Jersey, blogged about the problems caused by a two-day yom tov. Those problems are exacerbated in years, like this one, in which many of those two-day holidays line up on a Thursday and Friday, leading right into Shabbat and creating what is effectively a three-day no-work, no-technology yom tov.
"The past few years there has been a growing tension among those who work in interactive professions about their need to check their blackberries on Yom Tov," he wrote.
But she quietly stopped observing the second day of yom tov two years ago.
My husband and I have talked about giving up the second day of yom tov, but we can't seem to pull the trigger on it.