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TOWATownsend's Warbler (bird species Dendroica townsendi)
TOWATug of War Association (est. 1958; England, UK)
TOWATexas Outdoor Writers Association
TOWATexas Onsite Wastewater Association (est. 1992)
TOWAThe Open Way Adoptions
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They each cove co r theessential Funeral ral ra Director's costs for a cremationor burial, such | thecoffin, transportof the deceased toa resting place(within ithin it 15 miles), cremati emati ema onor burial(exc (e lu xclu xc ding plot), hearse, an allowan owan ow ce towa to rd ward was doctor's andoffi offi of ciant ant an fees | the service rvice rv at a local cal ca crematoriumor cemetery.
towA with vou corr proc Applications arriving without correct number of vouchers or a cheque for the correct amount will not be processed.
Specifically, l they e should make k positive i prov r ision v by considering the contribution that their area r can make k towa o rd as developing and facilitating renewa e ble a a| low-carbon o energy r , a y nd ensuring that deve e lopment plan policies enable a this."
*Comprises 16 companies: Toyota Industries Corporation; Aichi Steel Corporation; JTEKT Corporation; Toyota Auto Body Co., Ltd.; Toyota Tsusho Corporation; Aisin Seki Co., Ltd.; DENSO Corporation; Toyota Boshoku Corporation; Towa Real Estate Co., Ltd.; Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.; Toyota Motor East Japan, Inc.; Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.; Hino Motors, Ltd.; Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.; Toyota Housing Corporation; Toyota Motor Corporation.
The first two w devele opments are a new e 172,222 sq ft Dental Hospitai l and School of Dentistry, which havea secured final planning permission and are working towa o rds opening in 2014.
On Friday, January 27, Wildes was finally able to meet the girl whose life he saved, a six-year-old Evansdale, Towa, girl who suffered from Fanconi anemia, an extremely rare genetic blood disorder that attacks the bone marrow.
Global Banking News-February 8, 2012--Japan's Towa Bank reports fiscal results(C)2012 ENPublishing -
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-May 20, 2011--JCR affirms BBB- rating on Towa Bank, lifts outlook(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 20, 2011--JCR affirms BBB- rating on Towa Bank, lifts outlook(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
Three tenders construction of (a) a feeder on Al Hariqa Canal to be fed by Bahr Yousef Canal within Markaz Al Fashn, (b) rehabilitation/ replacement of deteriorated irrigation wheels on canals at subordinated locations, also (c) covering of Khairy Canal opposite Towa Mosque within Markaz Beba.
For the Al Dakhilyah Region, moderate rains fell on Wadi Ghoul, Al Misfah, Towa Saleem causing the overflow of the wadis.
My third and last point concerns what Marcien Towa has referred to as our "generic human identity." (40) In an important, but little commented on, paper titled "Propositions sur l'identite culturelle" (1979), Towa notes that enslavement, colonialism and, in general, Africa's disastrous encounter of Europe, robbed its people of their "historic initiative" and in so doing undermined their "generic human identity." For Towa "generic human identity" is the grounding source of our human existence "the constituting activity of all culture" which "lies beneath all particular cultures because it is that which engenders them all." (41) It is the power of initiative and creativity which enslavement and colonization violently undermined.