TOWGTechnical Order Working Group
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When [??] = x, the fuzzy triangular ordered weighted geometric (FTOWG) operator is nothing but the triangular ordered weighted geometric (TOWG) operator.
Overall, the planning and targeting cycle (Figure 3) incorporated the division targeting and IO working groups, the brigade TOWG, and a TODB.
The purpose of the TOWG is to identify and target enemy formations and capabilities according to the commander's intent and targeting guidance and to synchronize and match sensors and delivery systems to selected targets.
The key to the TOWG was to start looking 120 hours out according to the ATO cycle (Figure 1), with the appropriate sections (LRP; fires; intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance; IO; and public affairs office) identifying division priorities and the brigade COA plan in support of division operations.
Other key TOWG outputs include an updated higher-priority task list, updated fires and nonlethal target nominations, recommended changes to the brigade mission and commander's critical information requirements, and a list of other required decisions (with recommended decision points).