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TOWSTake Off Warning System (aviation)
TOWSTIROS Operational Vertical Sounder
TOWSThreats, Opportunities, Weakness, and Strengths (usually seen as SWOT)
TOWSTactical Oceanographic Warfare Support program
TOWSTrain Operation Warning System (railways)
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just as the big ship in tow gets the credit, with most spectators, of being the powerful object, so the Patriarch usually seemed to have said himself whatever Pancks said for him.
There should not be a limit for consent tows on the distance as long as the tow contractor provides a specific estimate of the towing expense prior to the vehicle being towed.
FITCHBURG - A coalition of tow truck operators that has been servicing the city for nearly four decades is lashing out at Mayor Lisa A.
The lots that have had the most tows in Eugene over the past five years include:
The Army tested TOWs after 2,000 miles of vibration and found the missiles still passed all tests.
I ride in the truck with Denny and he tows the car with the kids in it all the way up the mountain, which is like a hundred miles away, and we ski all day and nobody breaks an arm or anything, and then Denny tows us to a little restaurant he knows on the east side of the mountain, where all the truckers go for the best pies and fries, and then late at night he tows us all home again, the kids all asleep in the car.
Additionally, the court noted that Congress' specific exception in ICCTA for municipalities to regulate the maximum prices charged in nonconsensual tows evinced its intent that state and local governments are generally preempted from regulating consensual tow services.
The law says he couldn't tow a vehicle with someone riding in it.
In return for the fee they pay for towing privileges, the companies are allowed to charge a maximum of $90 for each police-ordered tow.