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It is best to let one person tow. When two are doing it, they get chattering, and forget, and the boat itself, offering, as it does, but little resistance, is of no real service in reminding them of the fact.
And that young man and young woman towed those four hulking chaps and a heavy boat up to Marlow.
Another example of the dangerous want of sympathy between tower and towed was witnessed by George and myself once up near Walton.
Indeed, I only wish that all the young fools who have their boats towed in this fashion - and plenty do - could meet with similar misfortunes.
Of all experiences in connection with towing, the most exciting is being towed by girls.
George got the line right after a while, and towed us steadily on to Penton Hook.
Lizzie's father, composing himself into the easy attitude of one who had asserted the high moralities and taken an unassailable position, slowly lighted a pipe, and smoked, and took a survey of what he had in tow. What he had in tow, lunged itself at him sometimes in an awful manner when the boat was checked, and sometimes seemed to try to wrench itself away, though for the most part it followed submissively.
And still further, the desire for vengeance was roused, and we could depend upon it that they would follow us to the ends of the earth, if we undertook to tow them that far.
just as the big ship in tow gets the credit, with most spectators, of being the powerful object, so the Patriarch usually seemed to have said himself whatever Pancks said for him.
When asked how many times the department has called D & L for a tow, Palmer said "at least once."
In 2014, Ohio instituted an arbitration process and required towing organizations to allow access to personal belongings in a towed vehicle without charge, absent a criminal investigation.
The city has contracted with replacement tow companies to cover the five tow zones previously assigned to Pat's Towing, including current vendors.