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Raw text data that mention BPS or synonyms were acquired from five toxicological databases (CCRIS, DART, TOXLINE, HSDB, and RTECS), and processed in an SQLite3 database.
Once bound to the body, this pervasive toxin can stay for weeks, months and even longer before it is excreted (see the Toxline website, address in sidebar, for more information).
They also missed standard professional sources of information like Toxline. Incomplete information is responsible for the year that a major aircraft manufacturer wasted developing a new product that its competitor had already produced 10 years earlier.
National Library of Medicine (NLM), a data set referred to as TOXLINE Core by the NLM.
The goal we have all been shooting for is to do something for TOXLINE, NLM's toxicology database, but we haven't gotten started on that yet.
The subscription also includes access to a suite of other biologically-related databases including Biology Digest, Conference Papers Index, MEDLINE (10 years), Plant Science, TOXLINE (5 years), the Web Resources Database, and Recent References totaling more than 6.5 million records--all searchable with a single command.
NLM's vast resources are available through its online services, which include MEDLINE, TOXLINE, and CHEMLINE.
Aerospace AEROSPACE DB (1,700,000) JANES (81,000) MCGRAW-HILL (230,000) PTS AEROSPACE (248,000) Biochemistry CLAIMS (3,700,000) MEDLINE (6,500,000) TOXLINE (1,500,000) Biotechnology AGRIBUSINESS (180,000) BIOBUSINESS (280,000) BIOTECH ABS (100,000) Chemistry CA SEARCH (9,400,000) CHEMNAME (2,200,000) CHEMSEARCH (9,800,000) Computer Science COMPUTER DB (370,000) MATHSCI (1,100,000) NTIS (1,400,000) Electrical Engineering ELECTRIC POWER (30,000) ENERGY S&T (2,400,000) INSPEC (3,750,000) DB - Database Environment ENVIROLINE (140,000) GEOBASE (380,000) OCEANIC ABS (200,000) POLLUTION ABS (150,000) Materials EMBASE (4,300,000) METADEX (800,000) POLYMER ONLINE (19,000) Patents CLAIMS (3,700,000) WORLD PATENTS (5,100,000) Pharmaceutical DIOGENES (240,000) PHARM.
Many other medical bibliographic databases exist, including EMBASE (a European database), TOXLINE (toxicology references), and PDQ (current cancer treatments).
The use of data banks containing references of scientific literature (such as MEDLINE, TOXLINE, CANCERLIT, etc.) is the most common example of a central data file which scientists may query without, however, being able to access its raw data directly or enter data of their own.