TOXNETToxicology Data Network
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One major achievement of this program has been the development of TOXNET, a fully integrated system for building, maintaining and accessing information about toxicology and hazardous substances.
Since its inauguration in July 1985, the TOXNET service has continued to grow in both usage and number of databases.
TOXNET also carries specialty files in the area of chemical carcinogenesis that describe information derived from both short- and long-term bioassays and relate to studies on carcinogens, mutagens, tumor promoters and tumor inhibition.
All of these files are searchable on the TOXNET system via various search modes.
The TOXNET system configuration consists of 19 486/33 MHz microprocessors with more than 30 gigabytes of online disk storage and 304 ports on three terminal servers.
Written in DTM, the system monitor polls every major piece of equipment in the TOXNET network and reports on its status.
A Windows workstation was developed for the TOXNET system for use in file-building and maintenance activities.
This approach has enabled the TOXNET system to support both the Windows workstation and existing intelligent terminal applications.
At present, the workstation accesses the TOXNET system using direct dial or leased lines.
This gateway to the Internet via ToxGopher provides access for TOXNET users who are emulating a VT100 terminal.
A reverse gateway from ToxGopher to TOXNET is provided via a Telnet service selection.
A WWW server offers TOXNET data via hypertext links in documents formatted in Hyper Text Markup Language and FORMS search interfaces.