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The analysis of studies of the presence of antibodies to antigens of major pathogens of TORCH-complex in the peripheral blood of children of the first year of life by the immunoenzyme analysis showed a high detection rate of antibodies to CMV (99.0%) and HSV (92.5%) among the children in the first year of life, when comparing with a slight detection of TOXO antibodies (17.6 to 10.2%) and chlamydia (5%).
Cat defenders argue correctly that one can get toxo from many other animals.
Considering the nonparametric nature of all data sets, statistical analyses between the TOXO and NI groups were performed by the Mann-Whitney test.
Toxo said more than 700,000 people will become below the poverty line in
Spain's largest workers' union Comisiones Obreras (CCOO) would likely call a general strike to protest the government's economic policy, its head Ignacio Fernandez Toxo said on Friday, El Mundo reported, according to Reuters.
Toxo said that he would not rule out any action to protest against the measures.
People with toxo seem to have slower reactions, while those who have had traffic accidents are more likely to have toxo.
First the real science: Fewer than one percent of indoor and outdoor cats around Morro Bay, California, have the Toxo parasite's egglike oocysts in their feces.
The parasite was named Toxoplasma (because of the crescent shape of the tachyzoite with the name derived from the Greek terms toxo meaning arc or bow and plasma meaning form) gondii (after the rodent) in 1909.
En unas declaraciones en Cinco Dias (24-02-06), el numero dos de CCOO, Ignacio Fernandez Toxo, que participo en su dia en la conflictividad derivada de la reconversion industrial y mas recientemente en el dialogo social, senalaba: "Todos hemos madurado y la situacion del pais permite encarar las cosas de otra forma; aquellos tiempos son irrepetibles".
False-positive results in immunoglobulin M (IgM) toxoplasma antibody tests and importance of confirmatory testing: the Platelia toxo IgM test.