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TOYSTool for Organizing Your Schemas (Microsoft product)
TOYSTandems of York Society (tandem bike club; Dallastown, PA)
TOYSTheatre Orangeville Youth Singers (Canada)
TOYSTools of Your Surroundings (personal protection)
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Which could be quite certain of discovering a toy pistol," said Father Brown with a smile.
But the boy had learned in that brief second a use for his sharp and shining toy, so that, as the tearing, striking beast dragged him to earth he plunged the blade repeatedly and to the hilt into its breast.
It was a toy, a plaything, a scientific wonder, but not a necessity to be bought and used for ordinary purposes by ordinary people.
In a flash, the telephone ceased to be a "scientific toy," and became an article of commerce.
His favorite toy was a little telegraph that he constructed for himself.
It was because the engaging toy had been redecorated by loving hands; there were fresh gowns for all the inhabitants, and the paint on the furniture was scarcely dry.
Because the toys were produced and sold so inexpensively, the cars continued to be hot items during the Great Depression, and by the 1950s, the improved diecasting process greatly increased the quality of the toys.
The firm previously occupied a roughly 1,300 s/f space at 200 Fifth Avenue, a building that along with neighboring 1107 Broadway once constituted the epicenter of the New York City toy industry but is now in the process of being converted into luxury condos by developer Joe Chetrit.
For one thing, the flow of toys across the Pacific Ocean is not unidirectional.
Another trend is that retailers are devoting less shelf space to traditional toys and more to highly profitable video games.
Determining the age for which a toy is intended is important when the agency applies regulations, such as the Small Parts Regulation, to specific toys.