TOZTowarzystwo Opieki Nad Zwierzetami (Polish: Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
TOZTvornica Olovaka Zagreb (Croatian: Zagreb Pencil Factory; Zagreb, Croatia)
TOZTimes of Zambia
TOZTexas Outdoor Zone
TOZTabernacle of Zion (Bradenton, FL)
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Results from the final two holes in the program did not intersect significant results as TOG-13-29 failed to reach target depth due to severe faulting and TOG-13-30 intersected the TOZ horizon above the interpreted plunge of the zone.
While it carries the Winchester name prominently on its barrel and receiver, the new Winchester Wildcat is manufactured entirely at the TOZ factory in Russia.
If it were in there for another ten or twelve years, you might get LPED from a TOZ.