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TOxAtissue oxalate accumulation rate
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occurring in the Tenuicostotum Chronozone, though several toxa can co-occur with the Assemblage 1 in the uppermost Spinatum Zone.
From a palaeobiogeographical stondpoint, in the I-LS, toxa exclusively representotive from the Mediterranean bio-province are not recorded prior to the ETMEE.
The conspicuous occurrence of several thecideid toxa, most of them consisting of remarkably large-sized specimens (Fig.
Spas, Political Interests and Tourist Development in the Northwest Corner of Spain: the Case of A Toxa and Mondariz (1874-1935)
El atraso economico no impidio que Galicia acogiese a dos de los balnearios mas lujosos y elitistas de la Espana de la Restauracion (1874-1923)--A Toxa y Mondariz-.
Evaluation of Reactions to Pyrenophora tritici-repentis and Ptr ToxA
tritici-repentis and Ptr ToxA was conducted under controlled greenhouse and growth chamber conditions using similar experimental procedures described by Friesen et al.
29TNH10: ria de Arousa, punta de Tragove, 06-III-1996, SANT-Algae 8829; ria de Arousa, Vilanova de Arousa, Tragove, 23-I-1997, SANT-Algae 3732; ria de Arousa, Cambados, San Saturnino, 17-X-1997, SANT-Algae 5896; ria de Arousa, O Grove, A Toxa, 27-III-1998, SANT-Algae 9842.
Resistance to tan necrosis was thought to be controlled solely by Tsn1, which conditions sensitivity to Ptr ToxA (see below); however, Friesen et al.
Host sensitivity to Ptr ToxA is associated with disease susceptibility (Friesen et al.