TP0Transport Protocol Class 0
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As shown in Table 11 in the online Data Supplement, 93 out of 122 (76%) samples were CTC + and 29 out of 122 (24%) samples were CTC- at TP0. At TP1, 92 out of 123 (75%) samples were classified as CTC+ and 31 out of 123 (25%) as CTC-.
Thirty-four out of 45 (63%) patients remained CTC + over the whole observation period (only patients with completed TP0, TP1, and TP2 blood collections were counted).
Descriptive statistics were performed for each group and distribution of [DELTA][E.sub.00], W, AW, TP, and Ra values was checked by the normality tests (Kolmogorov Smirnov for W0 and TP0, Shapiro-Wilk for the other values).
According to the baseline TP0 measurements, the most translucent material was LU which was followed by CME and VE, respectively (p < 0,05).
The original definitions of TP0 and TP4 support QoS service, however, only recently have the lower layers of networks matured sufficiently for the community to consider transport layer QoS handling.
In an ungraceful termination as in TP0 or TP4,(7) some data in transit may be lost.
(2) TP0 can be used to create OSI transport service on top of TCP's reliable byte-stream service, enabling OSI apps to run over TCP/IP [Rose and Cass 1987].
(b) Service features of TCP, UDP, TP4, and TP0 Service Features TCP (Internet) UDP (Internet) CO-byte vs.
(c) Protocol features of TCP, UDP, TP4, and TP0 Protocol Features TCP (Internet) UDP (Internet) CO vs CL Protocol CO CL Transaction-oriented No No(1) CO Protocol In-band vs.
4281 Meridian St., $178,012for reroof using 60mil TP0. Contractor North American RFG Srvcs Inc.