TP1Transition Protein 1 (biology)
TP1Technology Preview 1
TP1Telomerase-Associated Protein 1 (antibodies)
TP1Terminal Protein-1
TP1Tournament Pack Season 1 (Yu-Gi-Oh cards)
TP1Transport Protocol Class 1
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Both captive sliding and free-floating magnetic marker versions can be used with the TP1 sensors.
Statistical characteristics of normal observations for each variable (GP1, TVP/T1, TP1, TVP/P1, BPK1, SPK1, IK1) selected in credit rating model were calculated and the data was standardised.
Jean Briere"; follow Fonds Conseil; then follow TP1, S28,
Discriminant validity was established in that the mean PCQ score at TP3 (post-treatment) was significantly different from the mean score at TP1 (pretreatment) in cases in which parents reported that their child's cough had either improved (Wilcoxon signed rank test: p < 0.
Further, in general, there is a related CAPM difference as measured by Jensen's [alpha]; and finally, there are also risk relative financial performance differences as measured by the SP1 and the TP1.
The stranding threshold was then compared to monthly HI-FI strandings during TP1 and TP2 to determine whether it serves as an adequate indicator of relative bycatch levels.
Trust in Do you think people are trustworthy TP1 People (TP) in your community?
Manufactured from 1" thick steel and Blanchard ground on all six sides, it has 3/8-16 TP1 tapped boles on 2" centers.
97 feet is recorded in the TP1 row of the backsight column and is added to the elevation of TP1, 101.
During TP1 the domestic firm recognizes that the foreign firm is a potential entrant in TP2.
We assume this asymmetry since even should the domestic firm be uncertain of foreign costs, the potential foreign entrant has no way of signaling information on its costs in TP1 of this model.