TP1Transition Protein 1 (biology)
TP1Technology Preview 1
TP1Telomerase-Associated Protein 1 (antibodies)
TP1Terminal Protein-1
TP1Tournament Pack Season 1 (Yu-Gi-Oh cards)
TP1Transport Protocol Class 1
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A total of 1341 specimens were collected, and the breakdown per time period was as follows; TP1 521 (38.9%), TP2 346 (25.8%) and TP3 474 (35.3%).
One-way repeated-measures ANOVAs were used to compare each outcome variable (the duration of turning, normalized displacement of markers, SI, and VAS) between the three experimental conditions (TP1, TP2, and TP3).
Number Symbol Name of station (refer to Figure 1) 1 TP1 Transfer Port (connected with Head-End Cell) 2 SU Material Supplier 3 OR Oxide Reducer 4 SP Product Separator 5 CP Cathode Processor 6 RE Reduced Material Recovery Equip.
* Both captive sliding and free-floating magnetic marker versions can be used with the TP1 sensors.
The hypothesis with respect to the discriminant validity of the PCQ is that there should be a significant difference between mean TP1 and TP3 scores for children whose cough had either improved or worsened after treatment according to the parent's global assessment.
Rather than acquiring the waveform at TP1, the transmitter compliance pattern, a scrambled D0.0 data pattern, is captured directly at the output of the DUT using the port test fixture.
The stranding threshold was then compared to monthly HI-FI strandings during TP1 and TP2 to determine whether it serves as an adequate indicator of relative bycatch levels.
The domestic firm's production costs are private information, so that although the domestic firm knows the value of the foreign firm's costs, the latter is uninformed of the value of domestic costs in TP1. Since we are interested in the relation between policy and signaling, we simplify the analysis by assuming that foreign costs are known to the domestic firm.(7) In time period one, however, the foreign firm knows that the domestic firm is one of two types, high or low cost, and holds a prior subjective probability [Alpha] (assumed to be common knowledge) that the domestic firm is the high-cost type.
In time period one (TP1) no international trade takes place.
Inprise has already added its Corba technology to extend Hitachi's TP1 OLTP monitor, now called TPBroker.