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TP2Transition Protein-2
TP2Tool Performance Tracking Platform
TP2Transport Protocol Class 2
TP2Tournament Pack Season 2 (Yu-Gi-Oh cards)
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They have concluded that the Tamoxifen citrate reduces the level of sperm chromatin condensation by decreasing testicular levels of TP1, TP2, protamine 1 and response element modulator-[tau] (CREMs) proteins, which are effective in chromatin compaction in the spermatogenesis process, and also TX can affect the expression of these genes in both levels of transcription and post-translational modifications (34).
A total of 1341 specimens were collected, and the breakdown per time period was as follows; TP1 521 (38.9%), TP2 346 (25.8%) and TP3 474 (35.3%).
The [t.sub.s2] of TP2, TP5, and TP7 has slightly dropped compared to the other blends.
One-way repeated-measures ANOVAs were used to compare each outcome variable (the duration of turning, normalized displacement of markers, SI, and VAS) between the three experimental conditions (TP1, TP2, and TP3).
Any pattern in the behaviour could be noticed for TP2. The behaviour of the performance measure difference between planned cost and expected real cost ([DELTA]D) is similar to the expected real cost.
At TP2, CTCs were detected in 81 out of 108 (75%) and not found in 27 out of 108 (25%) samples, respectively.
Figure 1 presents a flow diagram of the seven unit processors (Material Supplier, Oxide Reducer, Product Separator, Cathode Processor, LiCl Salt Purifier, Reactive Distiller, and Material Recovery Equipment) included in this study with the three gates (TP1, TP2, and TL) used for material transfer from/to the oxide reduction cell.
Directly after CS (TP2) a GM increase in the left primary visual cortex could be detected (BA17; MNI: x = -6, y = -93, z = -3; [p.sub.FWE] = 0.043; T = 5.08).
The spectra of the subfractions were related to the compounds Tp1 (BF#23.4, #26.6, and #26.15) and Tp2 (BF#6, #11, and #16.5), which were analyzed and compared to literature data.
Translucency parameter (TP) was calculated with the following equation at baseline (TP0), after staining (TP1) and after bleaching procedures (TP2):
* Two (2) unmanned Tie-in platforms (HSBS TP2 & TP3) (including jackets) with flare platform and bridges
Testing was performed again (TP2.1, TP2.2, TP2.3) at a precision of 3 assessments per second ([DELTA]t=0.33s).