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They had several new versions of the Canik, including a suppressor-ready version with threaded barrel and tall sights, a compact 15-shot version of the TP9SF termed the "Elite", and a DAO version of the TP9 in Burnt Bronze Cerakote.
Also, as a few other readers pointed out, the TP9 has been replaced by the TP9SA.
The TP9 showed a small increase in velocity, but if there was a change in penetration, my tape measure didn't show it.
A shotgun is a real take charge kind of weapon, however, the DS Arms TP9 with a 30-round magazine and a couple back up magazines would be all mighty comforting in such a situation.
of Barrington, Illinois, imports the Swiss-built TP9 from the manufacturer, Brugger & Thomet.
Available: tp9.html [accessed 23 May 2003].
They are the PM40 and the TP9. The first is a .40 S&W version of the little 3-inch, polymer-frame 9mm pocket auto that stole our hearts last year.
All in all, Century Arms Canik TP9 SFx performed very well.
My Turkish contenders are the Tisas BR9 and the Canik TP9. Why Turkey?
A new variation from Canik is the TP9 Elite Combat, created in conjunction with Salient Arms.