TPAMThe Person Above Me (Sims Resource game)
TPAMTele Partner Account Manager
TPAMThird Party Application Maintenance
TPAMThird Party Asset Management
TPAMTest Process Assessment Model
TPAMTarget Recognition Attack Multisensor
TPAMTechnical Program Assessment Memorandum
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As at 31 December 2012, the net assets value ("NAV") of TPI, TPAM and TPP amounted to HK$2,137 million, HK$217 million and HK$679 million, respectively.
Note that the proposed TPAM and associated technological baseline are not the same as a configuration control/management (CC/M) process.
Obviously, selecting TPAMs is a complicated process with many nuances, and everyone will take a slightly different approach.
63) The 2003 TPAM report recommends projecting a rate of decline over the next seventy-five years equal to that of the last fifty years, that is, 0.