TPBITransdisciplinary Play-Based Intervention (learning)
TPBIThird Party Bodily Injury (motor insurance claims)
TPBIThai Plastic Bags Industries (manufacturer; Thailand)
TPBIThree-Phase Bone Imaging
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After that, 26DCzPPy and FIrpic 15 wt% were dissolved by chlorobenzene as an emitting layer, whereas TPBi of 0.15 wt% was dissolved by chloroform.
Deposition of TPBi Thin Film Using RF Stamp Printing.
RF stamp was subsequently used to transfer TPBi film onto EML surface.
Following the Company's initial public offering (IPO) of 100 million shares at a par of THB 1 each, and subscription period from 16 to 18 March at THB 10.80 per share, TPBI began trading on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) on 24 March, under the symbol TPBI.
Mr Somsak Borrisuttanakul, Chief Executive Officer of TPBI, explains the Company employs production processes that meet international standards and offers a diverse range of services, including product design and formula development, manufacturing and procurement and raw materials and product inspection.
TPBI's two modern plants in Sam Phran (Nakhon Pathom Province) and Rayong have a combined capacity of 64,920 tons per year, and a separate plant for production of flexible packaging of consumables in Sam Phran has a capacity of 96 million metres (or 192 million packs) per year, he added.
In order to indentify the energy transferring from blended polymer host to the doped [(tpbi).sub.2]Ir(acac), the absorption spectra and cyclic voltammetry curve of iridium dye were displayed in Figure 1.
There were two obvious emission peaks around 522 nm and 554 nm, which were attributed to the emission of [(tpbi).sub.2]Ir(acac).
The EL spectra of devices indicated stable green light emission from [(tpbi).sub.2]Ir(acac) with two main peaks at 522 nm and 554 nm and a wide FWHM of 116 nm from 504 nm to 620 nm.
The ratio of CBP to TPBi in the spacer is critical to the exciton generation interfaces.
In this work, electrons cannot pass through well because the LUMO of CBP is higher than the LUMO of adjacent TPBi layer.
Conversely, Device B (with intrinsic TPBi as spacer) shows the lowest efficiency with a current efficiency of 6.98 cd/A and a power efficiency of 6.09 lm/W at 100 cd/[m.sup.2], and 6.43 cd/A, 4.5 lm/W at 1000 cd/[m.sup.2].