TPC-HTransaction Processing Council Ad-hoc/decision support benchmark (computer performance)
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The TPC BenchmarkH (TPC-H) is a performance test of the independent Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) for data warehouse solutions that is recognized worldwide.
TPC-H results are expressed as QphH: queries per hour for the H benchmark.
EXASOL has held the top position in clustered TPC-H results since 2008.
The published result of 8827.5 QphH@300GB sets two records for the TPC-H 300GB scale factor benchmark.
The TPC Benchmark H (TPC-H) is a decision support benchmark.
Established by the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC), the TPC-H benchmark is an industry-standard Decision Support test designed to measure systems' capability to examine large volumes of data, execute queries with a high degree of complexity, and give answers to critical business questions.
This is the best TPC-H performance ever recorded for a non-clustered 16-processor server in the benchmark's 300GB database category.
The TPC-H benchmark is the computer industry's standard method of measuring the performance of business intelligence solutions, which help executives analyze data to support effective decision-making.
Utilizing the same number of processors as utilized in an IBM TPC-H benchmark, this record-breaking result outperforms the recently published three-terabyte TPC-H result by IBM DB2 running on an IBM eServer xSeries 346 by more than 30 percent.
This benchmark adds to the extensive list of Oracle Database 10g performance world records, in which Oracle holds eight of the top nine three-terabyte TPC-H results.
"As TPC-H measures performance in responding to unpredictable and demanding ad hoc queries, it represents one of the most reliable benchmarks in evaluating a database's strengths in meeting the demands of decision support environments," said Richard Wozniak, executive director of product management.
"This world record TPC-H benchmark result demonstrates the powerful combination of HP's flexible and highly available Superdome server, the HP Surestore Disk Array XP512 and the Informix XPS database server to deliver extraordinary performance in meeting the real world demands of a data warehousing environment," said Mark Hudson, worldwide director of marketing, HP Business Systems and Technology Operation.