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The amount of damages is usually calculated as "the difference between the market value of the remaining property immediately before and immediately after the taking." At trial, an appraiser called as a witness by the Richards testified that he reviewed the two appraisals that TPCG used when determining its initial compensation offer.
The Richards also argued that the trial court erred in allowing TPCG's parking offer to be submitted as evidence for the jury to consider in determining severance damages.
Per the agreement reached by the commodity board and the marketing communications firm, TPCG, the firm provided 53 promotional pieces to be evaluated.
The researchers in this study (evaluation team) performed a comprehensive qualitative evaluation of the campaign deliverables produced by TPCG. Qualitative data analysis is "primarily an inductive process of organizing data into categories and identifying patterns and relationships among the categories" (McMillan & Schumacher, 2010, p.
These three audience groups were the specific audiences targeted in the TPCG communication plan, not ones noted by the researchers of this study.
Emergent thematic messages, identified by the researchers for each creative piece, were then compared with the intended message outlined by TPCG in its 2102 campaign plan document.
In the communications pieces targeted to the general public, 22 of the 32 analyzed promotional pieces consistently communicated the message intended by TPCG as stated in its outlined communications plan (Table 7).
In the general public analysis, 24 pieces utilized a visual message and 16 consistently communicated the message outlined by TPCG in their communications plan (Table 8).