TPCOTransportation Plans and Control Officer
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Barger says that this year, in Austin and across all TPCO properties, he wants to continue installing and replacing compact fluorescent lighting where possible, using low- or no-VOC paint, regularly replacing filters to increase efficiency and replacing existing toilets with high-efficiency flapperless toilets--ones that do not use chains, levers and flapper systems to empty the tank's contents into the bowl--to conserve water.
TPCO will invest almost EUR 700 million (more than $1 billion) through its subsidiary TPCO America (with U.
Konecranes worked with TPCO s engineering team in China to help configure the cranes to meet local requirements, as well as the requirements of their process, said Doug Maclam, vice president, sales and marketing, Konecranes America.
Johnston, TPCO America Corporation director of administration, the company was committed to use the best available control technology for this plant.