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TPCSTotal Project Cost Summary (various organizations)
TPCSTime Projection Chambers
TPCSTropical PC Solutions
TPCSTropical Personal Computer Solutions
TPCSThe Pop Culture Suicides (band)
TPCSTeam Portable COMINT System
TPCSTungsten Primary Coolant System
TPCSTechnical Program Control System
TPCSTeam Portable Communication System
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Described by Captain Camber as a lightweight "system of systems," a single TPCS provides a Marine Corps tactical SIGINT unit with four collection outstations (which include some manpack elements), an analysis subsystem and a communications subsystem; a complete TPCS requires just under 40 Marines for operation.
The TPCS textile body ply cutter/splicer system automatically prepares body ply for the assembly of car tires.
The transit data will be made available to the integrated system TPCS (Tuscan Port Community System) that will allow to correlate trade flows and related customs procedures to vehicles that actually pass through their port entrances.