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TPCSTotal Project Cost Summary (various organizations)
TPCSTime Projection Chambers
TPCSTropical PC Solutions
TPCSTropical Personal Computer Solutions
TPCSThe Pop Culture Suicides (band)
TPCSTeam Portable COMINT System
TPCSTechnical Program Control System
TPCSTungsten Primary Coolant System
TPCSTeam Portable Communication System
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Within the system, TPCs are required to work towards increased awareness of organ donation across potential referral hospitals in their catchment area.
For each legitimate transmitter-receiver pair, a pair of transceivers consisting of a TPC and a receive decoder (RDC) is adopted to achieve secure communications, and Eve only has a RDC for eavesdropping.
The total plate counts (TPC) for all groups increased significantly at days 7 and 14 (p<0.05).
Determination of total phenolic content of teas: The total soluble phenolic compounds and other oxidation substrates (TPC) in tea samples were determined by using the method described in Aydemir et al.
The scientists evaluated the particle size, total phenolic content (TPC), antioxidant activity and anti-diabetic properties of the encapsulated juice.
The Folin-Ciocalteu method, an assay in which the results are expressed in terms of gallic acid as mg of gallic acid/kg olive oil depending on the spectrophotometric measurements conducted at 765 nm, was employed for the determination of the TPC. (18) Accordingly, 10 g of olive oil was dissolved in 50 mL of hexane and extracted three times with 80% aqueous methanol.
be used to simulate the potential of an integrated highly dynamic Tire Pressure Control System (TPCS) on vehicle dynamics.
There are many automotive applications utilizing TPCs, from interior components to under-hood parts like constant velocity joint (CVJ) boots and propshaft boots, wire and cable primary insulation and tubing applications.
Meanwhile, novel high-heat thermoplastic copolyesters (TPCs) capable of continuous-use temperatures 40-50[degrees] C (72-90[degrees] F) higher than similar TPEs were discussed by Paul Moruzi, business manager for DSM Engineering Plastics, Troy, Mich, (
Polymer composites with thermoplastic matrices (TPCs) comprising particulate or fibrous reinforcements are being used in steadily increasing number of applications because of their good material performance and manufacturing flexibility [1].
TPCs content of the different parts of black and red goji have been indicated.
Total phenolic contents (TPCs) were estimated by Folin-Ciocalteu (FC) reagent method with slight modifications [30].