TPDFTanzania People's Defence Force (est. 1964; Tanzania)
TPDFTriangular Probability Density Function
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TPDF's study also revealed that 26pc of the provincial departments gave a response and complied with the job quota requirements for women.
The composition transported probability density function (TPDF) method [4] is employed for accounting turbulence-chemistry interactions due to its several advantages over other TCI approaches [11, 30, 32].
For the TPDF method, the mean radiation emission in a CFD cell is computed as the sum of the radiation emitted by every notional particle present in the CFD cell.
UNSW employed the commercial software "Fluent" to perform simulations using the transported probability density function (tPDF) method [42] with the interaction by exchange with the mean (IEM) mixing model.
The ANL, UNSW, and POL simulations best reproduce the experimental trends and quantities for ignition delay, with only a slight difference between the tPDF and well-mixed models of UNSW; however, it should be noted that the chemical mechanism implemented in the POL and UNSW simulations was specifically tuned by Yao et al.