TPDPTech-Prep Demonstration Program (continuing education)
TPDPTransdermal Prophylactic Delivery Patch
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There are three key differences of moving approach from TPDP towards the IGBDA.
TPDP has limited involvement of the project members to their own trade and specialization compared to the IGBDA as the project members are included right from the start of the project to draw inputs that will help to shape the design and planning processes [4].
Despite that, the TPDP shows that the project gets more intensive as it progresses with less time and cost are spent at the early stage [6].
It is evident from the study by The Centre for Sustainable Buildings and Construction which stated that the TPDP adopted linear process and system, as it is considered in isolation and often results in own designing or over-sizing design, whilst the IGBDA shows differences by adopting a whole system thinking, as the total building performance is used to access on how each system affects one another in order to deliver the optimum design [8].
where APDP indicates % available P in the diet containing P source, APCD is % available P in control diet, TPDP shows % total P in the diet containing P source, and TPCD is % total P in control diet.