TPDRTechnical Publication Deficiency Report
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document register (TPDR) support and development services.
TPDR basic support services that are provided regularly and not
Este indicador se encuentra relacionado directamente con el TPDR (tiempo promedio de reparacion).
TPDR = Horas de mantenimiento correctivo/cantidad de fallas
State Territorial Planning and Construction Inspectorate under the Ministry of the Environment intends to acquire the Lithuanian territorial planning documents register (TPDR) support and development services.
We submitted a TPDR addressing the inconsistencies in the length of bonding straps.
If you find an error, please submit a Technical Publication Deficiency Report (TPDR).
Maintenance personnel are encouraged to follow their squadron's TPDR process.
QA also submitted a technical-publications deficiency report (TPDR) on NA-01-75PAA-2-4.6.
We submitted a TPDR that called for removing all floorboards for similar discrepancies.