TPDTTonic, Predominant, Dominant, Tonic (music theory)
TPDTTriple Pole, Double Throw Switch
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Magnetoliposomes (MLs) loaded with zinc phthalocyanine (ZnPc)/cucurbituril (CB) complexes (CB:ZnPc-MLs) were synthesized for TPDT and magnetohyperthermia in malignant melanoma cells.
The results of this study strongly suggest the significance of using NPs and antibodies in TPDT.
Antibodies can assist in the accurate detection of tumour cells and provide increased PS accumulation in CSCs, along with nanoparticles that can increase EPR and cellular uptake, making TPDT a study of interest due to its therapeutic enhancements including efficacy, specificity, marginal toxicity to normal cells, biocompatibility, and minimal side effects.
Both TPDOs and triphenodithiazines (TPDTs) show encouraging applications as pharmaceuticals as they inhibit the growth of bacteria and are capable of removing muscular tensions [2, 3].
The TPDOs and TPDTs work as promising anticancer agents by stopping the progressive, uncontrolled cell division [8, 9] and are capable of treating paranoia, schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders [10].