TPEPTobacco Prevention and Education Program (health initiative)
TPEPTrusted Product Evaluation Program (National Computer Security Center)
TPEPTransition Program Execution Plan
TPEPTinnerman Palnut Engineered Products, Inc. (Brunswick, OH)
TPEPTemporary Positive Expiratory Pressure
TPEPTemporary Positive Expiratory Pressure (Medical Products Research Srl)
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The three-dimensional development of pedal ganglia and axons in the pedal sole is compared with antibodies to TPep and 5-HT in L.
Community education and turning point election periods (TPEPs).
Eighth graders were selected for analysis because TPEP's most intensive interventions targeted middle schools, which meant that eighth graders in 2000, who were seventh graders in 1999, had been exposed to the program for 2 years.
Microscopy of the green fluorescence of Sytox Green and the red fluorescence of TRITC, the secondary antibody for antiphospho-histone H3, SCP, TPep, and FMRFamide, was with a Biorad Radiance 2000 confocal microscope.
Members of the governor's own party in the House tried to introduce House Bill 3496 to protect TPEP funds, but no official public hearing was held on the bill, partly because Kulongoski showed no interest in protecting the funds allocated by voters for tobacco prevention and cessation programs.
In 1997, OHD created Oregon's Tobacco Prevention and Education Program (TPEP), a comprehensive, community based program modeled on the successful tobacco-use prevention programs in California and Massachusetts (1,2).
23 October 2009 - Swedish biotech company Tripep AB (STO: TPEP) said today its after-tax loss narrowed to SEK2.3m in the third quarter of 2009 from a loss of SEK5.4m a year earlier.
The Legislature should keep faith with voters and throw TPEP a bone by quickly restoring its 3 cents of the $1.28 cigarette tax so that the program can continue to decrease smoking and other tobacco use - saving lives and money.
While the dorsal swim interneurons (DSIs) of the swim central pattern generator have been shown to be serotonergic (McClellan et al., 1994; Katz et al., 1994; Katz and Frost, 1995a; Fickbohm et al., 2001), the neurotransmitters used by the other swim circuit neurons have yet to be identified, with the possible exception of a role for the peptide TPep (Beck et al, 2000) and a preliminary report of immunoreactivity for the peptide transmitters SCPB and FMRFamide in cerebral neuron 2 (C2) (Longley and Longley, 1987).