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TPFGTechnology Programming & Fiscal Guidance
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Comparison with TPFG. As shown in [5], TPFG is more efficient and accurate than other methods, such as SVM, Independent Maxima, so we only compare AMC with TPFG to explore the capability of AMC in mining advisor-student relationships.
From Figure 2(a), we can see that AMC works a little better than TPFG on three positive datasets, PhD, Teacher, and MathGP.
For example, if we try to find the advisor of Chao Liu from UIUC, both TPFG and AMC return wrong results.
From Figures 2(c) and 2(d) we find that TPFG works a little better than AMC on negative samples.
TPFG's and TPF's VRs are rated two notches above their ultimate parent's IDR and we consider contagion risk from Tesco to be limited.
TPFG's and TPF's Support Ratings (SRs) reflect Fitch's view that there is a moderate probability that Tesco would provide support if needed.
TPFG's and TPF's ratings could be downgraded if the bank increases its exposure towards higher-risk clients, or if profitability and capital generation suffer materially on a risk-adjusted basis.
TPFG's VR and IDRs would be downgraded if double leverage increases materially, which we do not expect.