TPGYTrypticase Peptone Glucose Yeast
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Tenders are invited for Loading/unloading of line boxes of Loco Pilots/Guards at TPJ, TPGY & GOC and Hiring of Road vehicle (4 wheeler) for transporting the Loco Pilot/Assistant Loco Pilot/Guard along with two line boxes & one travelling box from CBC/TPJ to TPGY/GOC and back to CBC/TPJ for two years.
Tenders are invited for Hiring Of Road Vehicles For The Use Of Officers And Supervisors Under The Control Of Dy.Chief Engineer, Gauge Conversion - I, Tiruchchirappalli For The Proposed Construction Of Rob/Lus In Between Vm-Tpj, Tpj-Dg, Tpj-Mnm And Vm-Tj Section, Proposed Modernisation Of Workshops, Ponmalai Phase -Ii Works, Proposed Restoration Of Bg Line Between Nmj - Mq And Proposed Construction Of Staff Quarters At Tpgy And Kimber Garden.
Tenders are invited for Zonal Piece Work Contract For The Period From 1.7.2014 To 30.6.2015 - Zone B1(A) - Permanent Way Section And Works Section / Tiruchchirappalli (Kallukuzhi, Tpgy, Tp, Officers Colonies And Buildings In These Area And Way Side Station Buildings And Staff Qrs.