TPHCTemiskaming Pleasure Horse Club (est. 1969; Temiskaming; Canada)
TPHCTexas Paint Horse Club
TPHCTurning Point Healing Center (Marietta, GA)
TPHCTotal Petroleum Hydrocarbon Content
TPHCTexas Public Health Coalition (Texas Medical Association; Austin, TX)
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For the TPHC determination, the oil and grease in the flask is dissolved in fresh portion of n-hexane.
Gravimetric determination of TPHC in environmental samples is quite simple and affordable and has thereby gained a very huge patronage over the years because it does not require any special equipment.
The areas covered by the resolved and unresolved (UCM) components are most commonly estimated to determine the total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPHC) level in the sample [84-86].
Ultraviolet fluorescence (UVF) spectrophotometry is a fast and valuable screening method for TPHC analysis in the environmental samples.
This might be responsible for the higher level of TPHC measured from the site some years later [93].
* The understanding and use of TPHC initiatives can allow health departments to permit a more traditional display of some food products under set conditions, whereby preserving both the quality and safety of these products.
* The successful application of TPHC in commercial food establishments ultimately relies on a good working relationship between food establishment operators and local heath officials.
TABLE 1 Time as a Public Health Control (TPHC) Approvals in the Capital Health region, January 2003-April 2006 Food Approval Outcome Conditions Method Cheese biscuits Challenge Approved for room Must be discarded tested temperature display at end of day for up to 12 hours Lemon meringue Challenge Shelf stable--approved None pie tested for display at room temperature Pizza bagels TPHC Approved for display (1.) Digital approval at room temperature for timers required up to 4 hours for each product put on display (2.) Written records required outlining quantities and times product was put on display and discarded Chinese BBQ pork TPHC Approved for display at (1.) Operators and duck approval 50[degrees]C must adhere to strictsanitation protocols.
The approval or rejection of foods for TPHC in a standardized manner has had many benefits.
Access to laboratory facilities, as a result of proximity or budgetary constraints, may similarly impact the application of TPHC in the field.
As with many legislative changes, however, gaps remain between the written word and the standardized application of TPHC principles in field situations.
The author also wishes to thank all field EHOs who participated in the TPHC survey conducted as part of this work.