TPIMSTorrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies
TPIMSTime-Resolved Photoionization Mass Spectrometry (chemistry)
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Security minister Ben Wallace said: "Tpims are one of a range of powers at our disposal to disrupt terrorism-related activity where prosecution is not possible."
According to FHWA Administrator Nadeau, "TPIMS will help improve trucker safety [by] using existing technology to distribute information to commercial drivers on truck parking capacity and current occupancy through smartphone apps, dynamic road signage, Web sites, and parking facilities."
Mr Cameron said: "We will introduce new powers to add to our existing terrorism prevention and investigation measures including stronger locational constraints on suspects under Tpims either through enhanced use of exclusions zones or through relocation powers."
Speculation is mounting that the Government could bow to pressure for terrorism investigation and prevention measures (Tpims) to be beefed up.
The Welsh peer said: "I do think the Government could make a legislative response to the current problem by reintroducing control orders, or beefed-up Tpims, as they are called, to ensure that people who are identified by solid intelligence as presenting this kind of risk can be placed under controls which can prevent them activating their ideas."
"The two-year time limit on TPIMS means that terror suspects, who the courts have described as highly dangerous, now face very few restrictions on their activity in our country.
May is reported to have promised to impose tougher restrictions on suspects under the terrorism prevention and investigation measures, known as Tpims. Eight British terror suspects are on Tpims.
"I hope that this will give the government pause for thought about their abandonment for example of the communications data bill and possibly pause for thought about converting control orders into what are now called TPIMs [terrorism prevention and investigation measures], with a diluted set of powers."
The control order regime was abandoned by the Home Office and replaced with Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures (Tpims) following concerns that control orders posed a threat to human rights and civil liberties.
Helen Fenwick, Preventing Anti-Terrorist Strategies in the UK and ECHR Control Orders, TPIMs and the Role of Technology, 25 INT'L REV.
But he could not be banned from living in London under May's new terrorist prevention and investigation measures (TPIMs).