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TPISTransplant Pathology Internet Services (University of Pittsburgh; Pennsylvania)
TPISTelecommunications Plant in Service
TPISTeachers Personal Investors Services, Inc. (New York, NY)
TPISTenprint Fingerprint Image Search (criminal justice)
TPISTotal Plant in Service (telecommunications, network planning)
TPISTire Pressure Indicator System (automotive or aircraft tires)
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Trabalhos envolvendo as Terras Pretas de Indio (TPI), que sao solos que ocorrem na regiao Amazonica, caracterizados por alta fertilidade devido ao acumulo de biocarvao formados a partir da acao pirogenica e depositados nesses solos por populacoes indigenas (LEHMANN; JOSEPH, 2009) sao referencias.
Para ello, los TPIS, principalmente los tribunales de Yugoslavia (TPIY) y de Ruanda (TPIR), han superado las indefiniciones conceptuales y las barreras que inicialmente difficultaban el procesamiento de los autores de estos crimenes.
Fund staff rely on third-party indicators (TPIs) to measure concepts such as business environment, competitiveness, quality of governance, as well as progress toward social development goals to inform country-specific analysis across time and cross-country comparisons.
last January 27, cover all capital-deficient banks that have TPIs offering a rescue package.
Please remind your readers that restraint guidance Is available and /trust be used by anyone responsible for transportation and deployment- This Is even more critical when moving items defined as transportability problem items (TPIs).
Rawass adds, "At ATM we are going to meet travel agencies, DMCs and tour operators for the leisure business / inbound to Abu Dhabi and discuss room rates that we would offer our European guests as well as meet new TPIs to broaden our online GDS channels.
The Timely Payment Indicator (TPI) of "High", which is aligned with the TPIs of other public-sector covered bonds issued under the Austrian covered bond legislation, was maintained.
Thus, to obtain the aggregate TPI we sum the sectoral TPIs as follows:
Extem resin's combination of processability and outstanding performance can help catapult the use of TPIs from exotic, low-volume applications to broader mainstream use.
Upon arrival at the residence, crisis negotiators immediately begin to assess family members to determine those best suited to serve as the spokespersons, usually referred to as third-party intermediaries (TPIs).