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TPITTongass Plan Implementation Team (USDA)
TPITTreponema Pallidum Immobilization Test
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For the detection of NURR1, Nur77, and TBX19 (Tpit) protein the membrane was blocked with 1% BSA for 30 minutes and probed with the primaryantibodyfor Nur77/Nurr1 antibody (SC-990, Santa Cruz Biotechnology); anti TBX19 antibody (GTX77878, GeneTex); Nur77 (ab13851, Abcam) diluted at 1 : 1000 with 1% BSA, for overnight at 4[degrees]C, and was thereafter incubated with anti-rabbit IgG, horseradish peroxidase (HRP) linked whole antibody from donkey (NA934V, GE Healthcare Life Sciences, Pittsburgh, PA) (1: 5000) for 1 hour at room temperature.
ChIP assay was performed using anti-Nur77/Nurr1 antibody (SC-990, Santa Cruz Biotechnology); anti TBX19 antibody (GTX77878, GeneTex); normal rabbit IgG (SC-2027, Santa Cruz Biotechnology); and NurRE (Nur response element), TpitRE (Tpit response element), and NBRE (Nur77 response element) region containing primers of mouse Pomc promoter.
Since Nur77/Nurr1 [31] is known to bind to NurRE, and Tpit is known to bind to TpitRE [32], Nur77/Nurr1 and Tpit may be involved in the MEKT1-mediated suppression of Pomc promoter activity.
Effects of MEKT1 on mRNA Expression of Nur77, Nurr1, NeuroD1, Tpit, Pitx, NFkB1, and NFkB2.
Effects of Nur77, Tpit, and Nurr1 Overexpression on the MEKT1-Mediated Suppression ofmRNA Expression/Promoter Activity of Pomc.
TPIT's fund manager, Regent Fund Management (U.K.) Ltd., is the U.K.
TPIT sees privatization in Sri Lanka as a unique opportunity to invest in the tea plantations at prices below those for plantations in other countries, such as India and Malaysia, with great potential for development.
The directors of TPIT believe that the stronger trend in Ceylon tea prices appears likely to continue for the following reasons: the resurgence of demand from Russia and CIS countries, together with the traditional demand from Muslim markets of the Middle East and the Gulf; the Georgian tea industry, which under the USSR produced over 100 million kg.
Of primary importance to TPIT is the integrity of the management company concerned with the running of the estates.