TPKITactical Public Key Infrastructure
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Testing results influenced development of the TPKI CONOPS and will help identify an optimal solution for distributing certificate revocation information to tactical systems, as well as to inform Army policy, requirements, Tactics, Techniques and Procedures, and configuration Best Business Practices for the implementation and deployment of PKI validation services within the Army tactical environment.
Looking ahead, TCM GNE, along with our SIGCoE and Army partners, will continue capabilities development and planning efforts towards implementation of TPKI.
Implementation of TPKI over WIN-T introduces technical challenges for PKI certificate validation due to lower bandwidth and higher latency than on strategic networks.
In addition to enabling secure authentication for person entities, TPKI will provide software certificates for authentication of Non-Person Entities.
In conjunction with directory services, tokens and PK-enabled applications, TPKI will provide the framework and systems required to perform cryptographically based data integrity, authentication for network access control, data confidentiality and non-repudiation services.
TPKI will support registration of tactical subscribers (i.e.
The TPKI CONOPS documents the concept for TPKI as an extension of the existing Department of Defense and Federal PKI services to meet Army operating forces' cryptographic security needs.