TPLHTraffic per Labor Hour (business metric)
TPLHTime Propagation Low High
TPLHTri-Point Lacing Harness
TPLHTickets per Labor Hour (business goals)
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Byway of confirmation, our experimental timing measures derived an average FO4 delay of around 43 ps for timing combined tpHL and tpLH. The results show that TNN is the best choice with this level of analytical detail.
Examination of the internal behavior of a 5ml ganged tristate multiplexer core shows the effect of ganging and the unequal switching times for tPHL and tPLH transients.
As illustrated in Figure 4 (online at, if the inputs to a group of isolators are switched either ON or OFF at the same time, tPSK is the difference between the shortest propagation delay, either tPLH or tPHL and the longest propagation delay, either tPLH and tpHL.