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According to the company, TPNa is unique and useful for increasing moisture content within a short period; the company found a significant enhancement on the expression of serine palmitoyltransferase closely related to ceramide synthesis.
TPNa is an ideal active for scavenging and eliminating ROS, which helps maintain the freshness and youth of the skin, said the company.
Sodium dl-alpha-tocopheryl phosphate (TPNa) is a water-soluble vitamin E derivative with special chemical structure developed by SDK, and was approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as a basis of quasi-drug to prevent rough dry skin in 2004.
Dark circles around eyes, on which SDK found TPNa has an improving effect, can be categorized into three types: blue circles caused by low microcirculation, brown circles caused by accumulated blood-origin pigments, and black circles caused by slackening or depression of skin.
The complementary tPNA and DNA strands bond, but these pairings can then be unzipped by adding to the mix complementary DNA strands, which outcompete the tPNA for space on the initial templates.
The DNA-DNA pairings remain stable, causing the tPNA components to resume their unstable shuffling until a new DNA template is added and the process begins again.
Alan MacKenzie, current president of TAP and a former president of TPNA, has been named executive vice president of Takeda America Holdings.
Current TPNA president Mark Booth will continue to lead the company until the TAP transaction is closed and has agreed to remain with the business as it carries out integration activities.
In addition, all the course materials to help partners prepare for the TPNA and TPNP certifications are already available online."
According to Jiang, Gold partners will be expected to have two certified TPNA and one TPNP to maintain the partner tier in addition to agreed sales targets both in terms of volume and quality of projects implemented.
A new water-soluble Vitamin E derivative (TPNa) having substantial solubility in water that gets enzymatically catalyzed and converts to Vitamin E on the skin.
partners will be expected to have two certified TPNAs and one TPNP to maintain