TPNGTerritory of Papua and New Guinea
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Recently, for example, indigenous landowners in the Hoskins and Kimbe areas demanded that the National Government compensate them for land alienated for resettlement schemes (TPNG: 17 June 1993, p21), and some have demanded the return of these lands and the forced repatriation of settlers (TPNG: 30 July 1992, p9).
Ethnic tensions erupted violently in May 1993 when Kavugara settlers on the Talasea Peninsula fled their oil palm blocks following violent harassment by local landowners (PNGPC: 20 May 1993, p2; TPNG: 17 June 1993, p21).
Just before the 1993 Kavugara evictions the provincial government vowed to repatriate squatters in WNB (TPNG: 27 May 1993, P5; see also PNGPC: 8 February 1994, p5 and 17 June 1994, p31).