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TPNIThird Party Nonviolent Intervention
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A total of 1070 charts were reviewed, of which 156 (14.5% of all studies) were from patients with TPNI; 10 studies were excluded from the data analysis.
Young male adults appear to be at the highest risk of sustaining a TPNI. Men are affected in 71 to 92% of all cases (4, 6-9).
Mechanism of TPNI Mechanism Number (n) Percentage (%) GSW 51 34.9 MVA Motorcycle n = 15 35 24.0 Iatrogenic 21 14.4 Fall 17 11.6 Penetrating Violent n = 5 Non-violent = 7 12 8.2 Occupational/Sports 7 4.8 MVA/Pedestrlan 2 1.4 Fight 1 0.7 GSW = Gunshot wound; MVA = Motor vehicle accident Table 2.
Conclusion: TPNIs are common in young individuals and potentially can lead to significant disability.
Traumatic peripheral nerve injuries (TPNIs) are a major public health problem that can cause significant disability (1).
The published literature about the epidemiology of TPNIs is limited.
Now the name of the company was changed with Titan Petrokimia Nusantara Interindo (TPNI).
After being taken over by Titan, TPNI hopes to increase its market share to 50% with CAPC retaining 34% and imports accounting for only 16%.
TPNI plans to build a cracking factory to convert naphtha into ethylene.
TPNI plans to build the cracking plant in 2009 to crack naphtha/LNG with an installed capacity of more than 500,000 tons a year to supply ethylene and propylene in Indonesia.
TPNI to build ethylene plant using molasses as feedstock
TPNI plans to produce ethylene to feed its PE factory.