TPODThe Path of Daggers (Wheel of Time; book 8)
TPODTricare Policy and Operations Directorate
TPODThe Power of Darkness
TPODTest Plan of the Day :-)
TPODTeam Program Office Directive
TPODThe Parliament of Dreams (Babylon 5 TV show)
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A measure of sensory function, TPOD, was also included in the linear regression model of LRJT performance accuracy in the right affected hand only.
Although the TPOD is a more rigorous method of evaluation as it decreases the nonspatial cues that are associated with the two-point discrimination task, it has not been assessed for reliability and therefore results involving this measure of tactile acuity should be interpreted with caution.
Abbreviations DASH: Disability of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand JPS: Joint Position Sense LRJT: Left Right Judgement Task MIQ: Motor Imagery Questionnaire MIQ-VMI: Motor Imagery Questionnaire-Visual Motor Imagery MLR: Multiple linear regression NoPainMeds: Participants who did not take pain medications on day of evaluation MPI: West Haven Yale Multidimensional Pain Inventory PainMeds: Participants who took pain medications on day of evaluation PPG: Purdue Pegboard Test PPT: Pressure pain threshold RT: Reaction time TPOD: Two-Point Orientation Discrimination.
Before my first employment, I noticed that I had good TPOD imagery but disregarded it because I was working hard at maintaining visual of the target.
My lead did not see the spots for my rockets on his TPOD, and he assumed that they had fallen outside the selected field of view (FOV) on his TPOD.
This technically clever Tpod featuring graduated perforations in the body is available as a carbonated and non-carbonated beverage.
Under the motto "Stir it Up!" consumers simply dip the Tpod into a glass of water and stir to create an exciting drink (250ml).
Sigpack Systems developed the machine for the production and filling of the perforated Stickpack, as well as the machine for the production of the secondary packaging of the "tpod".
CCW's marine vertebrate ecologist Dr Mandy McMath said: "By using the sophisticated TPODs we are learning more about what porpoises and dolphins do during the day, night, at different times of the year and in different places.