TpOpTelephone Operator (US Navy)
TpOpTobacco Policy Options for Prevention
TpOpTractor Plow Operator
TpOpThai pop
TpOpTime Phase Order Point
TpOpThe Pirates of Penzance (opera)
TpOpTickled Pink Over Paper (eBay group)
TpOpTritium Proof-of-Principle (engineering)
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Parameter No Mean SEM Range Adult pre-oviposition period 22 1.14 0.64 1-3 (APOP) of female (days) Total pre-oviposition period 22 14.68 2.59 11-20 (TPOP) of female (days) Female Table 3: The population parameters of Lucilia cuprina reared on lamb under laboratory conditions.
melanogaster were 3.02 [+ or -] 0.16 days and 2.87 [+ or -] 0.25 days (P > 0.05), and the total pre-ovipositional period (tPOP) of D.
Perceived and measured availability of tobacco to youths in 14 Minnesota communities: the TPOP study.
Doors remain shut during the self-cleaning and sanitizing phase, and the interactive TPOP (Tetra Pak operator panel) further minimizes the need to open them.
The mean of the developmental period for each stage, the longevities of the adult males and females, the adult pre-oviposition period (APOP), the total pre-oviposition period (TPOP), and the fecundity of were calculated.