TPORThiol-Protein Oxidoreductase Activity (biochemistry)
TPORTekad Pemendulian Orang Ramai (Indonesian: Determination of Many People; Brunei)
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where [N[O.sub.3.sup.-]] is nitrate concentration ([[micro].sub.g] [g.sup.-1]), Clay is clay content (%), TPor is total porosity (%) and Ks2 is saturated hydraulic conductivity after a 2-h run (m [day.sup.-1]).
CIS can interact with phosphorylated tyrosines in the cytoplasmic domains of several cytokine receptors such as GHR, EPOR, TPOR, IL3 R, and IL-2 R[beta] [31, 39, 46-48, 54, 150], and SOCS2 can interact with the activated IGF-I receptor [70].