TPOTThe People of Truth (worship)
TPOTTechnical Processing Online Tools (University of California, San Diego)
TPOTTranslucent Proxying of TCP (Transmission Control Protocol)
TPOTThe Power of Three (Warriors book series)
TPOTThe Passion of Tones
TPOTThis Part of Town
TPOTTwo-Parameter Omega Technique
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The two groups were compared for socio-demographic data, TtT and TPoT scores.
Patient group scored higher than the control group in terms of TPoT in the threat perception task, but TtT scores were comparable among the two groups (Table 2).
TPoT scores acquired from all sequences were compared between groups.
The TeamSTEPPS TPOT was used in a study to evaluate teamwork during a neonatal resuscitation event.
The development of the Trauma Team Performance Observation Tool (TPOT).
To recap, TPOT is part of the Productive Series developed by the United Kingdom National Health Service Institute for Improvement and Innovation in response to a call to find savings that could be reinvested in healthcare.
Subsequent initiatives arising from implementing the individual TPOT modules attempted to respond to these issues.
It has been unfortunate that implementing the TPOT programme at Nelson Marlborough DHB has coincided with a period of fiscal restraint.
The TPOT programme was introduced in the UK in 2009 with widespread uptake amongst NHS hospitals.
Recognising that District Health Boards (DHBs) would need support to manage the increased expectations, the Ministry of Health purchased licences to enable the introduction of TPOT, noting reported benefits from the United Kingdom, including:
The TPOT programme is being implemented at Nelson-Marlborough DHB in a deliberate and methodical fashion, with major benefits yet to be realised.
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