TPPCTribal Pesticide Program Council (US EPA)
TPPCTransaction Processing Performance Council
TPPCTexas Public Pool Council (Pasadena, TX)
TPPCThe Pokemon PokeCenter (website)
TPPCTotal Package Procurement Concept
TPPCTelecommunications Public Policy Committee
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Al regresar a los resultados de investigacion, el cumplimiento de la PPC, TPPC y TQPPC implica que existe convergencia de precios entre Mexico y Estados Unidos a una tasa determinada.
Relevant social-emotional reasons include a reluctance to remediate or dismiss TPPC who are performing well academically, on internship, or close to graduating; difficulty balancing a supportive, nurturing role with a more critical, evaluative one; and a lack of agreement among faculty members regarding the degree and nature of a student's PPC (Busseri et al.
To address this reluctance, the faculty as a whole should explicitly process how particular TPPC issues may affect their ability to effectively deal with them.
Unfortunately, the wording of this code does not give a clear direction for programs to follow, which may result in confusion as programs struggle to choose between unethically graduating a TPPC or not adhering to a state law.
For example, counseling/ psychotherapy is the most used remediation for TPPC (Elman & Forrest, 2004; Forrest, Elman, & Shen Miller, 2008).
Developing Comprehensive TPPC Policies, Procedures and Strategies
Counseling programs should develop comprehensive policies and procedures for identifying and dealing with TPPC (Kaslow et al.
Procedural due process concerns a lucid and standardized process by which TPPC cases are evaluated.
Additionally, programs are responsible for continually updating their TPPC policies and procedures based on current research, professional standards, and program experience.
It is imperative that programs clearly understand the issues surrounding TPPC and develop comprehensive policies and procedures to deal with them.