TPPETechnical Presentation Proficiency Exam (Canada)
TPPEThird Party Portfolio Executive
TPPETwo-Photon Photoemission
TPPEThermoplastic Co-Polyester Resin
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In any patient shown to have an abnormal TPPE with or without deterioration in TKA, the symptoms are extremely diverse.
This principle of megadoses of vitamins appears to be an important fact in the modern era and our experience has shown repeatedly that a prolonged deficiency of thiamine cannot be addressed by physiological RDA doses in patients with an abnormal thiamine pyrophosphate effect (TPPE).
Measurement of TKA and TPPE constitutes the best guide to the clinician (12).
Treatment with nutrients that included TTFD produced normal hemoglobin and erythrocyte count, disappearance of symptoms and a decrease in TPPE (11), (29).
PHOTO : Opposite page: Aspect TPPE polyethylene terephthalate offers high melt flow, and mechanical and electrical properties in normally 30% and 45% glass reinforced grades.
TPPE resin manufacturers are also promoting superior impact at low temperatures, even though RIM has proven performance at -29 [degrees] C.
Additionally, impact strength of painted RIM polymers at -29 [degrees] C has been shown to be essentially equal to painted commercial TPPE fascia.
Compositional properties of these polymers are shown in table 4 with mechanical properties of these polymers and a TPPE resin shown in table 5.
Tensile strength and flexural modulus at -29 [degrees] C and room temperature of this TPPE are quite similar to unfilled PU/urea RIM polymer.
The temperature dependent CLTE of the TPPE resin is also seen in table 6.
The impact characteristics of both unfilled RIM and TPPE polymers are essentially identical.