TPPPTubulin Polymerization Promoting Protein
TPPPTheory and Practice of Parallel Programming (computing)
TPPPTransplant Patient Partnering Program
TPPPTeen Pregnancy Prevention Partnership (various organizations)
TPPPThe Perils of Penelope Pitstop (US animated TV series)
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at 2 (finding that although Boston's TPPP received fewer than five
In late 2008, Conley explained that when the pilot program for TPPP was first launched, it received fewer than five referrals that year, however, when perceptions began to change and information was shared across agencies, referrals skyrocketed--"not because more children were being exploited but because we were paying attention to a phenomenon that had been there all along." (37) In its first year of operation, the TPPP identified almost ten times as many exploited youth than had been identified in the prior year by the relatively small number of agencies then aware of the problem.
Steam condenser from this TPPP 1 operated with about 18000 [m.sup.3] x [h.sup.-1] of steam whose reheat temperature was 535 [degrees]C.
Even more astounding than the near elimination of TPPP are the proposed increases for a new AOUM program.
Total assets were USD714.5m at September 30, 2015, compared to USD820.8m at December 31, 2014, a decline of USD106.3m related to the exit of the ACH TPPP business line, and offset by the reversal of the valuation allowance on the company's deferred tax asset during the second quarter of 2015.
To improve the compatibility between PP and the nanofiller, a functionalized PP grafted with maleic anhydride Scona TPPP 2112 GA (MFR of 3-7 g/10 min; 190[degrees]C/2.16 kg), which was supplied by Kometra, Schkopau, Germany, was used.
The nanoclay Nanomer I.44P (Nanocor) and the PP-g-MA-based adhesion promoter Scona TPPP 2112 FA (Kometra) were chosen according to the guidelines obtained from the nanoclay producer.
The E can be an organic phosphite, sulfate, or phosphate, etc., as an antioxidant, such as triphenyl phosphite (TPP), dilauryl thiodipropionate (DLTDP), or triphenyl phosphate (TPPP), which has a synergetic effect with the stabilizer.