TPPPSToddler-Preschooler Postoperative Pain Scale (surgery)
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The TPPPS is a tool that requires scoring in three general categories: vocal pain expression, facial pain expression, and bodily expression.
FLACC CHEOPS OPS TPPPS Buttner/Finke Face Facial expression Facial pain expression Legs Leg movement Movement Activity Torso movement Agitation Bodily pain expression Cry Cry Cry Vocal pain expression Consolability Touching of Blood pressure the wound Verbal report of Verbal complaint pain and body language FLACC Buttner/Finke Face Facial expression Legs Leg position Activity Position of torso Motoric restlessness Cry Cry Consolability Consolability
Behavioral categories included in pediatric pain assessment tools, (Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Pain Scale [CHEOPS]), Objective Pain Scale (OPS), Toddler-Preschool Postoperative Pain Scale (TPPPS), and the Buttner and Finke study, are similar to the categories in FLACC.
Kappa values of FLACC observations (see Table 3) indicate acceptable agreement and are very similar to those reported for TPPPS (range = 0.53-0.78) (Tarbell et al., 1992).