TPPRCTibetan Parliamentary and Policy Research Centre
TPPRCTotal Palmar Pattern Ridge Count (dermatoglyphics)
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speech 1989]: 429) has been translated into English and published by TPPRC (Dalai Lama XIV 1998b [Eng.
TPPRC has created successful programs and services for mothers, and their newest agenda is designed to leave no parenting skill set unturned.
TPPRC opened in 2000 and has assisted over 5,000 women in crisis.
New location, same caring & compassionate programs and services," said Camille Cassin, Executive Director of TPPRC.
Cassin also stressed that the new TPPRC office is conveniently situated directly between I-15 and I-805 on the northern edge of Miramar.
TPPRC has helped more than 5,000 women since opening in 2000.
Our fleet of mobile pregnancy clinics allows us to reach more women in need of our services," TPPRC Executive Director Camille Cassin said.
As a premier provider of early pregnancy services, TPPRC is a trusted source of counsel, medical assistance and educational initiatives to assist women facing an unplanned pregnancy.